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We intervene communities with cultural problems of family and citizen security

It is a program designed to carry out interventions in communities that have problems of citizen security such as: psychoactive substances consumption, prevention of traffic accidents, problems of coexistence, delinquency, drug trafficking, gangs, among others. There are many social factors that contribute to this type of misdemeanors and misdemeanors, nowadays peaceful coexistence in a society is threatened by the existence of tensions and conflicts that generate violent behavior and have arisen for different causes. Among those we can point to several, the economic crisis that affects most of the countries that results in the unemployment of the young, the lack of work and income in families.

The crisis of values that has generated poverty, marginalization, unemployment, drug addiction, alcoholism, corruption, loss of identity, loss of confidence in oneself and others, as well as the absence of bonds of solidarity between neighbors. The lack of organization and coordination for the security that exists between the community and the different governing bodies, Municipalities, National Police,Army etc.

The program is developed through various activities, recovering the confidence of the citizens with the authorities and with their own community, so that the citizen contributes to the recovery of the sector where he lives, making his city a safe city.

This program is implemented in cities or municipalities where their authorities wish to improve their citizen security indexes, we implement it with theater groups, psychologists and sports integrating the family and recovering the values, since through these activities parents and children interact with each other to solve their problems using creativity, teamwork and assertiveness.