Prevención de Conflictos y Construcción de Paz

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St. John Paul II Program

Since the year 2012 we have been making social intervention in vulnerable communities, attending children and adolescents exposed to drug addiction and different types of violence (physical, sexual and interfamilial, to improve the notions in the construction of their life project, promoting The development and implementation of preventive programs aimed at them to educate them and that can make appropriate decisions and reject behaviors that affect their personal development so that they become good citizens and contribute to society.

For this reason, we are working on the Juvenile Development project for the prevention of drug use and the crime that LAZOS CORPORATION ONG is carrying out called SAN JUAN PABLO II - BUILDING GENERATIONS OF PEACE AND RESPECT. We arrive to more than 400 children from different sectors of the city of Neiva with the purpose of serving and generating an opportunity of life that allows to cultivate in them human values and to become better citizens.

Although we have a wonderful team of Volunteers, professionals and training, the resources to meet so many needs of children and young people are not enough.

Would you like to contribute to building better citizens?

Would you be willing to contribute to the mission of keeping children safe from the risks they are exposed to?

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