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One Million trees for Huila

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Huila is a department that has Snowy, but also with Desert, the temperature variation in the Huilense territory ranges between 28 - 42 degrees Celsius experienced from its lowest part to the highest, at its lowest part is Neiva, extending to the extreme north, traversing the entire semi-arid region of the Tatacoa Desert. In this region are all the climates and a great variety of soils that facilitate the diversity and extension of the Agricultural and livestock production; mild weather predominates, with an average temperature of 24 degrees centigrade; As extreme points are the mountain peaks of snowy of Huila, which is part of the National Park that have the same name, where the temperature remains below 0 degrees Celsius and the warm regions of the valleys of Neiva, Aipe and Villavieja, where it is located the imposing Desert of La Tatacoa, where temperatures oscillate between 43 degrees Celsius at noon and 18 at night, at dawn it is cold.

1 millón de árboles para el Huila

For subjects of human conscience the desert is growing much faster although it is true that it is a beautiful natural and tourist area, it is also true that its growth has led the department to currently suffer temperatures of up to 43 degrees Celsius, plus permanent deforestation, forest fires due to high temperatures and man action in regard to inappropriate management of garbage, the cutting of trees has led to the department losing more than 5,000 hectares of vegetal cover that today is in the open air, its habitants now had to change even their habits of life by the high temperatures.

One million trees for Huila intends to plant native trees in the 37 municipalities of the region, in areas directly affected by natural causes or human action, and thus mitigate the degenerative impact of practices of economic interest and destructive of the natural resources indispensable for human life and preservation through campaigns of environmental education and awareness of each of the citizens. The commitment of the project is that trees be cared for until they can sustain themselves without the need of the hand of the man and the citizens are sensitive to act in the care and preservation of the natural environment.

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