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Child Health and Step Home

Care for Vulnerable Populations/Step Home

The Lazos Corporation develops projects to improve the living conditions of vulnerable groups such as children, adolescents and family groups with health and economic difficulties.

We have maintained the Step Home Maria and José that cares for families of people with limited resources who are sick in Clinics and Hospitals of the Surcolombian region, giving them lodging without costs that limit their accompaniment to the relatives confined in hospitals by disease. We work with cabin-type beds in order to receive more people in the same space considering the large number of people who have come to need it.

Due to the lack of resources, last June 2017 we were in the painful need to close it due to the lack of resources to be able to sustain it, today more than ever we need your financial support to be able to serve the 7300 people that we attended each year to offer them a neat and decent place to spend the night.

If you want to help make your donation now.