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Child Health and Step Home

Care for Vulnerable Populations/Step Home

The Lazos Corporation develops projects to improve the living conditions of vulnerable groups such as children, adolescents and family groups with health and economic difficulties.

We have maintained the Step Home Maria and José that cares for families of people with limited resources who are sick in Clinics and Hospitals of the Surcolombian region, giving them lodging without costs that limit their accompaniment to the relatives confined in hospitals by disease. We work with cabin-type beds in order to receive more people in the same space considering the large number of people who have come to need it.

Due to the lack of resources, last June 2017 we were in the painful need to close it due to the lack of resources to be able to sustain it, today more than ever we need your financial support to be able to serve the 7300 people that we attended each year to offer them a neat and decent place to spend the night.

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One Million trees for Huila

An initiative where we can contribute

Huila is a department that has Snowy, but also with Desert, the temperature variation in the Huilense territory ranges between 28 - 42 degrees Celsius experienced from its lowest part to the highest, at its lowest part is Neiva, extending to the extreme north, traversing the entire semi-arid region of the Tatacoa Desert. In this region are all the climates and a great variety of soils that facilitate the diversity and extension of the Agricultural and livestock production; mild weather predominates, with an average temperature of 24 degrees centigrade; As extreme points are the mountain peaks of snowy of Huila, which is part of the National Park that have the same name, where the temperature remains below 0 degrees Celsius and the warm regions of the valleys of Neiva, Aipe and Villavieja, where it is located the imposing Desert of La Tatacoa, where temperatures oscillate between 43 degrees Celsius at noon and 18 at night, at dawn it is cold.

1 millón de árboles para el Huila

For subjects of human conscience the desert is growing much faster although it is true that it is a beautiful natural and tourist area, it is also true that its growth has led the department to currently suffer temperatures of up to 43 degrees Celsius, plus permanent deforestation, forest fires due to high temperatures and man action in regard to inappropriate management of garbage, the cutting of trees has led to the department losing more than 5,000 hectares of vegetal cover that today is in the open air, its habitants now had to change even their habits of life by the high temperatures.

One million trees for Huila intends to plant native trees in the 37 municipalities of the region, in areas directly affected by natural causes or human action, and thus mitigate the degenerative impact of practices of economic interest and destructive of the natural resources indispensable for human life and preservation through campaigns of environmental education and awareness of each of the citizens. The commitment of the project is that trees be cared for until they can sustain themselves without the need of the hand of the man and the citizens are sensitive to act in the care and preservation of the natural environment.

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St. John Paul II Program

Since the year 2012 we have been making social intervention in vulnerable communities, attending children and adolescents exposed to drug addiction and different types of violence (physical, sexual and interfamilial, to improve the notions in the construction of their life project, promoting The development and implementation of preventive programs aimed at them to educate them and that can make appropriate decisions and reject behaviors that affect their personal development so that they become good citizens and contribute to society.

For this reason, we are working on the Juvenile Development project for the prevention of drug use and the crime that LAZOS CORPORATION ONG is carrying out called SAN JUAN PABLO II - BUILDING GENERATIONS OF PEACE AND RESPECT. We arrive to more than 400 children from different sectors of the city of Neiva with the purpose of serving and generating an opportunity of life that allows to cultivate in them human values and to become better citizens.

Although we have a wonderful team of Volunteers, professionals and training, the resources to meet so many needs of children and young people are not enough.

Would you like to contribute to building better citizens?

Would you be willing to contribute to the mission of keeping children safe from the risks they are exposed to?

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Dare to live 100%

We intervene communities with cultural problems of family and citizen security

It is a program designed to carry out interventions in communities that have problems of citizen security such as: psychoactive substances consumption, prevention of traffic accidents, problems of coexistence, delinquency, drug trafficking, gangs, among others. There are many social factors that contribute to this type of misdemeanors and misdemeanors, nowadays peaceful coexistence in a society is threatened by the existence of tensions and conflicts that generate violent behavior and have arisen for different causes. Among those we can point to several, the economic crisis that affects most of the countries that results in the unemployment of the young, the lack of work and income in families.

The crisis of values that has generated poverty, marginalization, unemployment, drug addiction, alcoholism, corruption, loss of identity, loss of confidence in oneself and others, as well as the absence of bonds of solidarity between neighbors. The lack of organization and coordination for the security that exists between the community and the different governing bodies, Municipalities, National Police,Army etc.

The program is developed through various activities, recovering the confidence of the citizens with the authorities and with their own community, so that the citizen contributes to the recovery of the sector where he lives, making his city a safe city.

This program is implemented in cities or municipalities where their authorities wish to improve their citizen security indexes, we implement it with theater groups, psychologists and sports integrating the family and recovering the values, since through these activities parents and children interact with each other to solve their problems using creativity, teamwork and assertiveness.