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The children received the St. John Paul II Program

We began the intervention of our program St. John Paul II - BUILDING GENERATIONS OF PEACE AND RESPECT with 110 children between the ages of 6 and 12 years in the settlement areas of Miraflores, Camelia, Barreiro and Palmas 3; which present problems of malnutrition, coexistence, domestic violence, sexual and distant from God, in an environment with many social problems due to the presence of drug addicts, drug dealer and gangs.

Through activities such as football, reading, prayer and sharing of food; we want to improve the notions in the construction of their PROJECT OF LIFE, working the program St. John Paul II, to contribute in their education and in this way to guide them to make right decisions and thus to ignore the temptations of behaviors that affect their personal development , spiritual and every day be good people and feel included in the society that is also to provide opportunities according to their own efforts.

We held a soccer championship, where all the children had the opportunity to participate, for the realization of this was made the registration in the database of Corporacion Lazos, each of the children present in alphabetical order and from minor to greater, there was also the participation of girls in the teams they played, managed to keep them away from unwanted pregnancies and to be led to prostitution, our goal is to occupy their free time so that less and less temptations to fall into the vices and threats that the environment offers.




More and more children are receiving the activities of Corporación Lazos as part of our social inclusion projects in Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding.

The importance of greeting, learning how to give hugs, the importance of our loved ones, how to live in community and respect for the things of God as spirituality, the different professions were part of the themes that were worked with the children that today begin to see a more positive way their own lives - because we have already begun to work on their PROJECTS OF LIFE -.

St. John Paul II - BUILDING GENERATIONS OF PEACE AND RESPECT, this time they received a visit from the volunteers of the Corporación Lazos who arrived loaded educational readings, which they shared and where they shared the little ones learned of values, prayer and spirituality, and in the midst of play they received contributions for their PROJECT OF LIFE.

The workshop was attended by more than 110 children, the number of attendees is rising in the average in which the workshops progress, as little by little the children are involved with the activities and are increasingly identified with each one of them , this time the volunteers collected second hand books that were given in a symbolic way by the children themselves to the library of the sector, which also works in the communal room where we carry out some of the activities.

In addition to the learning, the small ones also received a share in food provided by Corporación Lazos and that was fundamental in the permanence of the participants in the workshop because the food also forms part of the contribution of the Corporation for the continuity of the program in the communities.